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 My seemingly "liberal" opinions are not an open invitation to receive didactic lectures, particularly from persons who come off as condescending and proceed to act like I have no knowledge of any subject.  I am not stupid.  I am not uneducated.  I do not care to listen to an unwarranted speech about how wrong you believe I am.

There's a time and place for everything.  If I posted something political to my Facebook page, then yes, that's in the public.  It's available for others to comment, share their opinions, whatever.  But I post on Facebook isn't an invitation to be blasted off the Internet with cruel, spiteful remarks.

And if someone mentions the topic of abortion in a personal setting, then by all means, a discussion on the subject is welcome.  If someone directly asks me for my opinion, then I will gladly share.  If someone is speaking of a topic, of which I have an opinion about, then it is normal to expect anyone to voice their thoughts in a civil manner.  

It's okay to disagree with me; you might find I understand or even agree with what you have to say.  But it's not okay to lecture me for over 30 minutes about how wrong you believe I am.  And to continuously talk over him any time I try to say anything and to keep railing at me, without allowing any sort of opportunity for a rebuttal.  That is not how you discuss.  Your opinion is not The Correct One, because to me (and especially the way you've approached this) just makes me feel like you're full of shit.

Additionally, if you hold the opinion of "Abortion is murder, NO MATTER WHAT," then that sort of logic doesn't allow any room for your next sentiment, "Abortion has it's place in some instances."  Because approaching the subject of abortion with this mindset is a manner that sets you apart as superior with some sort of warped perspective that gives you the ability to determine who deserves an abortion and who doesn't.  That's none of your business--who gets an abortion and for what reason.  You are not above these pregnant women to decide what is best for them, and, ultimately, who is deserving of treatment.


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