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 So.  As with the last few weeks of any college semester, I have several projects, term papers, and finals I must prepare for and finish.  But then, what happens?  Unsurprisingly I usually find someway to squander my time, completing all assignments in a deadline-induced frenzy.

And in the year 2077--I mean, 2015.  Fallout 4 happened.  Oh, Bethesda, you.

I've logged about 4 - 5 hours into the game. (Would be more, except the boyfriend is a video game hog, and I've not gotten to that point where I can completely shirk all my responsibilities, sleep is important, yo).  I'm about a Level 6.

And oh my god.

I think it would be unnecessary to detail the fangasms that occurred while playing.  The customization, the modding, combat, interface.  Everything is GLORIOUS! (Except, someone please tell me how to heal crippled limbs?

A classical radio station feature various works by Tchaikovsky, such as March Slav and Swan Lake.  There's also a very Dishonored (and Bioshock Infinite) feel to it, as far as stylization, combat, and DEAD BODIES.  There's so much I can say about this beloved dear game, and I apologize to the video game Overlords that I've been unable to devote the necessary amount of time.  

And the mainline quest? At least the hook, the back story to your character?  I fell in love with Fallout 3 because the main quest was so personal.  Fallout New Vegas, while interesting, did not immerse me on such an intimate level (even Elder Scrolls doesn't do this so well, which is okay, because I can easily imagine this is difficult to accomplish for video games).

But honestly, the most drawing feature of this game is the 'tutorial' (It's not even a tutorial.  It's like the backstory/opening scene).  Fallout 4 is just as personal as Fallout 3.  I really wish your spouse wouldn't have to die.  I understand why and everything.  But since you even get to customize your spouse, I was instantly attached.  I listen to the "Hi Honey!" holotape as frequently if not more when I listened to a Note from Dad.

I love the pre-colonial feel of New England.  Patriotic like DC (not an obnoxious way unless the context calls for it), but also refreshing.  The ships remind me once again of Dishonored (And Assassin's Creed 3 & BF).  And the weather! It can change! Nothing is static.  It all changes.

But so far, what I am most in love with--other than creating your own settlements--is the backstory with your spouse and son.  I wish you had more time with your spouse.  Maybe I shouldn't get so attached to things.  After the Hearthfire add-on, I spent a lot of time with my children/homestead.  Anyway.

I haven't been to Diamond City yet.  I'm excited for it.  I love seeing my character actually talk and interact.  Makes it that much more personal.  Currently, I'm scavenging a SUPER DUPER MART in Lexington.  Also, feral ghouls are scary as fuck.

Over and out.

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